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Meeker, Robert “Bob” L.

Meeker, Robert “Bob” L.

March 7, 1935 — July 25, 2020

Robert “Bob” L. Meeker, 85, of Leawood, Kansas passed away July 25th of complications from a stroke. Bob was born in Sabetha, Kansas on March 7, 1935 to Frohman and Laura Meeker.

Bob spent his childhood in Paola and Garnett, Kansas. When asked where he went to school, Bob would respond with humor “Garnett Country Day School” since Garnett is in the country and he attended during the day. He proudly graduated from Garnett High School in 1953 and went on to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas majoring in Political Science in 1957.

From 1958 to 1960, Bob served in the Air Force as a First Lieutenant. He was stationed in New York City as a special agent in the Office of Special Investigations. From this experience, Bob felt Law School beckon so it was back to the University of Kansas Law School. Fond memories were created of close law school classmates and The Law Review of which he was a member.

Bob’s law career started with the Davis Law Firm, then the Prudential Insurance Company, and then the Business Men’s Assurance Company where he spent the major portion of his career. Bob retired from BMA as the General Counsel and Vice President.

Bob was an avid KU fan and member of Delta Chi fraternity. He was a life member of the KU Alumni Association and had season tickets for football and basketball for many years. He was a member of the Missouri Bar Association and a past member of both the NYC Athletic Club and the Lake Quivira Country Club where he enjoyed weekly golf games with his brother Don Meeker.

Golf was a passion for Bob and he designed and patented a golf swing training device with his nephew. After deciding his golfing days were over, Bob enjoyed his workout sessions at Hallbrook Country Club. In addition to golf, Bob’s favorite activities included swimming, especially the beaches at Cape Cod, traveling, and snow skiing.

Music was another talent of Bob’s. He sang through high school, college and later in the Johnson County Choral Group. He loved all music from classical to jazz and theater.

Bob taught Real Estate Investment Law at Johnson County Community College. He loved his teaching days.

Bob Meeker was a true gentle man and thought of fondly by his many friends and acquaintances. He is preceded in death by his parents, Frohman and Laura Meeker, and his brother Don Meeker. He is survived by his wife Pamela, brothers-in-law Richard and Bernard Gore, and a cousin, Chad Clark, who was like a son, plus nieces, Anne Meeker Watson, Donna Crouch Goetz, Maggie Gore, Elizabeth Gore Chezam, and many great nieces and nephews.

He was so thankful for such loving friends who became like family members during his long illness. Doctors Ron and Renee Hartman, David and Nancy Steen, Mary Tearney, Dennis and Carol Smith, Pat Quinn, Judy Rule, and Pat Jones. All were there to support him with prayers and many visits.

Memorial services will be held later on Cape Cod with interment at Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich, Massachusetts. Memorial contributions may be sent to the Leawood Stage Company, ℅ K. Sheek, Treasurer, 2007 West 84th Street, Leawood, KS 66206.

Service Information

Memorial services will be held later on Cape Cod with interment at Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich, Massachusetts. Memorial contributions may be sent to the Leawood Stage Company, ℅ K. Sheek, Treasurer, 2007 West 84th Street, Leawood, KS 66206.

Meeker, Robert “Bob” L.'s Guestbook

In a sense it was almost fated that at least some connection with Bob would occur because his law school buddy and post-law school roommate, Dick Smith, was a fraternity brother and friend of mine. Early on I was impressed and amazed at his patience and persistence, he wooed Pam Gore for years before she finally saw the light and accepted his proposal. The terms “nice guy” and gentleman” are perhaps overused and their meaning diluted because of that, but Bob’s photo should be in the dictionary beside those words. As our mutual friend Walt Thompson wrote: “Bob was a good man and a gentleman. Not too many true gentlemen left. The only three I’ve known in my life were Dr. Richard Ball, the principal of Westport HS, Joe Gilbert, co-founder of the Gilbert-Robinson restaurant chain, and Bob Meeker…It’s just an undefinable quality of personality, gentleness of demeanor but with core disciplines which are increasingly rare. Remember that John Jacob Astor stayed aboard the Titanic when he was one of the richest men in the world. That was core discipline; he was a true gentleman. I think Bob Meeker was also.” Bob’s affection for our children led them to naturally look at him as “Uncle Bob”, and he chuckled every time he re-told the story of taking two-year-old Anthony for walks,  reassuring him every block or so that no monsters or boogeymen lurked in the bushes. And he somehow found the time and attentiveness to attend the innumerable dance recitals in which Andrea and Allison participated, several a year for many years. When the recitals ended, there he was congratulating the not-quite-prima ballerinas on their skills. And when they walked “down the Hill” to graduate, he considered it one of the highlights of his year. Bob’s blood wasn’t just crimson, but crimson and blue. We attended KU football games every year for probably fifteen years, many times returning home wondering why we went, but always enjoying it. And those basketball games; it was a sad day when Bob announced he couldn’t continue to share season tickets anymore. We were there when Jacque Vaughn nailed a three-pointer in overtime to beat #1-ranked Indiana, there when KU triumphed by almost 40 over rival Misery, but also there when the Jayhawks blew a 20-point second half lead to Iowa, ending what had been a 64-game home court winning streak, second longest in NCAA history. Bob even watched Wilt Chamberlain play ball and then, over thirty years later, was in the crowd when another dominant big man, Danny Manning, led KU to the NCAA title over hated Oklahoma. For years Bob delighted in telling the story about the pregame press conference when OU coach Tubbs was asked if the Jayhawks had fate on their side. Bob would laugh and repeat Tubbs’ response, which was to ask if the reporter thought a KU player was God, and if so what was his number, to which the reporter replied “25” (Manning’s number). I heard that story maybe 20 times and it never got old. And he was able to use that KU loyalty to good effect, with the result that Pam eagerly participated in developing a Jayhawk man cave, creating numerous pieces of Jayhawk-oriented artwork, and converting my wife Nancy from die-hard football fan to highly engaged Jayhawks hoops fanatic. Once we undertook to play golf at Hallbrook, the toughest course in the region, when the club had a promotion to try to recruit more golfers. It was probably the only time I heard him curse frequently, and after 12 holes we looked at each other and concluded our day had ended. Afterward he laughed that he’d expressed more expletives in that abbreviated round than in all the rounds of gold he ever played. Upon occasion I saw Bob irritated but never angry (well, maybe that Iowa loss was the exception), even after his VP position at BMA, his employer for decades, was eliminated due to an acquisition. While he displayed disappointment, he never evidenced bitterness, I must admit I’d have never been able to handle the matter with such class. The last few years were tough ones for Bob, in and out of rehab hospitals and hospitals in general. He recognized that he was declining but took it all with a patience and a calmness that was only changed when he expressed his strong desire to get out and go home, which was where he was when his life ended. I thought that writing this would be difficult, but thinking back on my experiences with a true gentleman, actually made it a pleasure.

David Steen

Bob was  a dear friend and like a brother to me. He was so kind and gentle to everyone and made the world a better place. Memories from the past years are vivid, uplifting and numerous. Anthony, Andrea and Allison lovingly referred to him as Uncle Bob and always enjoyed spending time with him. Bob often told favorite stories of the kids, including Anthony insisting on Bob picking the sesame seeds off his Big Mac,  of Andrea being fixated on the harpist at your wedding and encouraging Allison because she was so shy. Memories of extended family times together included Thanksgiving at Holbrook, Christmas Eve with Santa, Christmas Dinner together, going to see the Plaza  Lights and Crown Center and Easter Baskets full of goodies.  Bob's love for the arts was evident as he attended every one of Andrea and Allison’s dance recitals!. Bob was a proud Jayhawk when Anthony, Andrea and Allison “Walked Down the Hill” graduating from  ‘his” Kansas! He was especially supportive of Andrea pursuing and attending KU Medical Center to become a doctor.  We loved attending KU Basketball games or watching together on TV. He helped me to see the importance of becoming a true basketball fan! We all were impressed with the Jayhawk memorabilia collected and proudly displayed in his KU Man Cave!  We have been truly blessed to have both Bob and Pam in our lives as perfect role models for children and extended family for us. ! Much love ….. Nancy

Nancy Steen

Unlike most of Bob's friends I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him for an extended period of time. I met Bob at a rehab center in ovp where he was recovering from a stroke and I was rehabbing a broken ankle. Bob and I and two other fellows always had our meals together and this is where the camaraderie began. Bob and the Fellas that we called the cowboy would always serenade us at the evening meal. I always teased Bob and ask him what he did with the money that his parents gave him for singing lessons. It was at the rehab center that I met his lovely bride, Pam. She was the epitome of a loving and caring wife. Bob passed away several months later and I was fortunate enough to see him on several occasions. Even though our friendship only lasted to what seemed to be the blink of an eye I shall always remember Robert and the part he played in my life.

Chris Shelton

As many have stated before me, Bob was a true gentleman. I had the pleasure of working with Bob as his financial advisor for the past 20 years and looked forward to those meetings with him and Pam. They were always enjoyable meetings and I'm not sure who learned more - me or them. Greatly missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

Steve Schenck

Bob was a good man and a gentleman.Not too many true gentlemen left.The only three I’ve known in my life were Dr Richard Bell,principal of Westport High School; Joe Gilbert,co founder of the Gilbert Robinson Restaurant chain and Bob Meeker. And I’m not disparaging anyone by observing this.We are all good people (AEKDB).Its just an undeniable quality of personality,gentleness of demeanor but with core disciplines which are increasingly rare. Remember that John Jacob Astor stayed aboard the Titanic when he was one of the richest men in the world. He was a true gentleman. I think Bob Meeker was also. And Im

Walt Thompson

"Uncle" Bob as I have referred to him my entire life. I am heartbroken that he is gone, but so appreciative to have had him for the time I did; I am so lucky. Even though he wasn't technically family, he was my family. He was so giving and thoughtful and treated me like his own child. He was there for every special moment in my life, showing his love and support with his gentle and stoic nature. I am blessed that my parents chose such an amazing man to have part of their lives so that my life could be enhanced by such a wonderful presence. I will miss you so much Uncle Bob, and I love you. -Andrea I appreciate so much how warmly Bob welcomed me into his family. Some of my favorite memories are spending holidays with Pam and Bob and spending time with Bob realizing his unassuming brilliance. It will be hard to find a gentleman, a scholar, and a friend as good as him. He will be deeply missed. -Philip

Andrea and Philip Allen

Bob was one of the finest men we have ever known. He was kind, intelligent, gentle. He loved his wife and family, he loved his country and he loved God. He was one of those men whose passing leaves a hole in the heart of those who knew him and makes us all a little poorer. We know he is in heaven now and hope to see him again .

Ron and Renee Hartman

Bob Meeker was a true dear friend. Our friendship held a personal connection of mutual respect and admiration. He was a trusted friend, loyal , fun loving, caring and a true American Patriot.Knowing Bob and Pam has enhanced our lives and our travels and general time together will always be held close to our hearts and memories. He will be missed for sure but we are confident that God has welcomed him home. May he rest in peace. God bless you Bob and Pam.

Gail and Don Poline

It would take several pages to express ones' inner feelings for Bob Meeker as there have been so many Special Memories for us with Bob and my Cousin Pam. What we can tell you is would be hard pressed to find a kinder, honest and more gentle person. I am especially Grateful and Thankful for the guidance and advise Bob & Pam gave to my Son Chad during his education at KU. Bob excelled in his Law profession to the highest level and was respected for his ability to have empathy for people in various circumstances. Bob was totally devoted to his wife Pam and she to him, he will be terribly missed by the Clark Family and by all who knew him, but Never forgotten. Pam, your Heart is in pieces right now, however someday you will meet again and put that Heart back together. Rest in Peace Bob Meeker until WE ALL meet again. We Love you Bob, Brenda Clark & Family Marty Russo

Brenda Clark & Marty Russo

Bob was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. He was a true Gentleman and never had a bad word to say about anyone. I will miss him terribly. Pam is surrounded with love from her friends in this sorrowful time and we will look out for her. Rest In Peace, my friend.

Patricia Quinn

Oh for the memories. Ipswich summers, Cape Cod, mountains of New Hampshire, eating lobster in Marguerite's kitchen So. Yarmouth, Leawood Ks, visit to KU and the Rowley flea market where we bought Bob a 1935 silver dollar [his birth year] he said he would carry it all the time. Surf and turf and all those great memorable lunches at the Blue Marlin. Bob's fav was a large chese burger and plenty of fries. Can't forget the magnificant perfectly cooked lobsters at Browns. Bob really liked his Patek Philippe watch. he liked a good deal said he got it for half price. Bob would say, you are not a true mid westerner unless you have a pocket knife with you at all times. Bob always had his knife with him. Bob was a true, kind, and very honest individual. Only person that I know you that questioed him about something was my mother Marguerite. She asked him if she could check his score card after platying a round of golf. Bob showed it to her. There were no questions. Ha Ha Pamela and Bob had a special relationship in many ways. Bob would say, God put him on earth to keep Pamela out of trouble. Then we woild all have a good laugh. Bob was gentle and friendly individual with a keen intellect. God Bless you my friend I am sure you in heaven on a golf course. I can't remember all the jokes but I will never forget the sense of humor. You will always be with us. Now you know. Love ya, Richard

Richard D Gore

I am very sad for the loss of a wonderful brother-in-law. I respected him for his service to our country in the years between college and law school. He was a very intelligent, caring and polite gentleman. I am very happy that he will, for eternity, be with my family in the "Gore" plot on Cape Cod. May God bless him and make sure he plays golf on a heavenly course.

Bernard L Gore, Jr.

Bob was a wonderful friend. He and Pam were witnesses for our wedding and we were witnesses when Bob and Pam were married. A great friend who was so much fun and also stood by us during our troubled time.

Michael & Jo Schreibman

Bob was a great guy and we will miss him.

Dudley and Joyce Smith

Dearest sweet Pam, I , was saddened when I read about Bob In the paper Sunday morning . I had not seen you two since you were featured in the 435 south magazine . Xoxoxo loved that!!! Treasure all your beautiful memories and please contact me if I can help you in any way. I loved seeing you weekly( in the day ) when I worked for Dr. Matthew in Olathe . Xoxoxoxo ( 913-530-2837)

Glenda “Gus” Grafton , RT

Bob was one of the finest, most decent man we knew. We will sincere,y miss him. As one of our friends said, "We need more Bobs in this world."

Carol and Dennis Smith

So sorry to hear of this fine man passing.

joyce middendorf

We are sad losing this fine man. He will be missed. Our deepest sympathy to his family and our personal friend Pam.

Gary and Carolyn hanson

Robert, you were a giant of a man among men! May you rest in peace and the Lord be with you! We all will miss you!!!!!

Richard Clark

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