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Pre-Planning with Park Lawn Funeral Home

Here at Park Lawn Funeral Home, we know that decisions must sometimes be made when we least expect them. By prearranging your funeral, you make the decisions that are difficult for your family members to make after your death.

Our counselors will take the time to go over all the different options available to you.  They will answer your questions so you can make a sound decision regarding your family’s future. Call us today for more information.

Why Pre-Arrange Your Funeral Service?

  • At the time of loss, sound decisions will already have been made
  • Financial stress will be eased
  • You can preserve your insurance and savings for your loved ones
  • The prices are frozen at today’s costs
  • Your decision will be based on facts, not advice from well-meaning relatives or friends
  • Planning reduces the chance of misunderstandings concerning your wishes
  • Your arrangements can be paid for comfortably by earnings, rather than a fixed income
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